Fingerprint Biometry

CADUET CORP. Biometric systems, Are among the best biometric systems in the world . We have systems for detection and analysis of fingerprints, iris scans, voice analysis and identification, facial recognition, WSQ compression systems for information exchange and fingerprints meeting the highest international standards.


Since CADUET CORP. Develops its own biometric technology we can offer our customers what no other vendor can offer (SUPPORT FOR ANY DEVICE IN THE MARKET).


Our systems support the highest quantity of fingerprint readers sensors in the market but if a sensor is not in the support list of our systems, we have the capacity to provide our customers the service that is required for that particular sensor to be supported by our systems.



Supported Capture Devices




Nitgen Hamster DX, Hamster III, Hamster II, Hamster I
Cogent CS500i, CS500e, CS500P
Cross Match L SCAN 500P, Guardian, Patrol, Patrol ID,V250,V300/V300,LC/V300,LC2/V500
Cross Match Verifier 300 LC, 300 LC 2.0, 320LC,
Dakty NAOS-1,
DigitalPersona ALL Readers (U.are.U 4000B, U.are.U 4500 etc.)
Futronic FS50, FS60, FS80, FS88, FS90,
Green Bit DactyScan26, DactyScan26i, DactyScan40, DactyScan40i, DactyScan84n
L-1 Identity DFR500, DFR2100
Mantra MFS100
Morpho MorphoSmart MSO200, MSO201, MSO300, MSO301, MSO350, MSO351, MorphoTop (NEWLY IMPLEMENTED)
Suprema SFR200, SFR300-S, SFR400, BioMini, BioMini Plus, BioMiniSlim
Suprema RealScan-10, RealScan-F, RealScan-G10
IDTECH BioMag I, BioMag II
ZKTeco ZK7000
Microsoft Fingerprint Reader
Digent FD 1000
SECUGEN All Readers (Hamster Plus, Hamster II, Hamster III, Hamster IV, etc)




Lumidigm Mercury Series sensors, Venus series sensor





Authentec AES2810,AES1610,AES2501,AES4000
Covadis Auriga
Precise Biometrics 200 Series,
Upek Eikon, Eikon II, Eikon Touch,UPEK TouchChip (PID 0x2015)
Zvetco P5500, P6000, P6500, P5100, P6000-B, P2500
id3 Certis Image, Biothentic
Next Biometrics BN-1010-U
Verify P4500,P4000,P5000
EIKON All Readers



Thermal Readers


Certis Image Orcanthus



Supported Biometrics Standards


ISO/IEC 19794-2:2005 (finger minutiae data),
ISO/IEC 19794-4:2005 (finger image data),
ANSI INCITS 378-2004 and INCITS 378-2009 (finger minutiae data),
ANSI INCITS 381-2004 and INCITS 381-2009 (finger image data)


Supported Image Formats


WSQ 3.1



Programming Languages

Microsoft .NET



NOTES: Support of any device can be provided with our technology even if the device is not included in the list above.