General Returns and Cancellations Policy

This policy may change without notice. CADUET CORP may make refunds subject to compliance with each and every one of the conditions set forth in this policy.





All product returns are subject to approval in accordance with the following steps:



First Phase:


The customer must identify the following: 
* Cause of wanting to return the item (clear and precise) 
* Sale 
* Identify the invoice and / or order number which belongs to the item in question 
* Make a Request in writing to the account executive that is mentioned on the invoice



Second Phase


* The Sales Executive will manage signatures for approval the manufacturer 
* Once approved the application a sheet of FPR (Finished Product Return) is issued



Third Phase


* The folio is disclosed to the client by the seller 
* Packages that support the return should be labeled with the assigned sheet in a visible and legible way. 
* The customer is responsible for ensuring that the following is true: 
1. Packaged properly (adequate protection against shock, humidity, static, dust, excessive heat, theft, loss, etc.). 
2. Cost of shipping freight to our facility in the city of PANAMA or any other point agreed with the sales executive and the customer for faster processing, insurance, taxes or any other procedure, these will be paid by customer. 
3. Any legal, environmental, accident, safety or any other aspect that could generate the return of the item, they will be responsibility of the customer and the customer will be charged for them.



Fourth Phase


* Once the product arrives at our facilities, we will review the product, respecting their respective turn in line. 
* When we have completed the review of the FPR, a memorandum where conditions and volume of what we received detailing will be issued 
* If damaged or missing, they will be charged to the customer, issuing an invoice to generate the payment. 
* When there are documents that allow the customer to guarantee payment of equipment belonging to a refund, they will be delivered once it is determined with the above process.


All returns are subject to an administrative fee based on the following criteria:





  • Day 1 to 5: 10% of product value.
  • Day 6 to 15: 15% of product value.


NOTE:  After 15 days no refunds of any kind are accepted


All refunds will be made directly to our facility in PANAMA, unless a delivery point agreed with the sales executive in another part of the country, the shipping address for return packages is the following:



Under no circumstances we accept returns of products if it meets any of the following criteria:

  • The product is software, blank media, processors, web design, services or consultancy
  • The product was used
  • The packaging or boxes have no original product labels or are damaged, is lined with bumps, dirt or other form of abuse.
  • The packaging or boxes are not original
  • The product has been special ordered
  • The product is obsolete or is no longer available.
  • The product was sold on sale.
  • The product was sold assembled
  • Your order, receipt and / or invoice includes the legend * No Return and / or cancellation or something that involves your product has no return.




Once the order is can always cancel and when the shipment has not already been done. For orders that have not been paid the amount of equipment, you can cancel your order by phone or email. In the case of orders that already has deposited the amount, it shall make the appropriate refund, which can take up to 30 business days and will be provided through the sales executive Intelcompras. In the case of cancellations of orders with credit / debit cards, such cancellations are subject to charge up to 6% of the transaction amount, if the cancellation is made up to 30 calendar days after the order is placed.