Our offices around the globe

CADUET CORP. is one of the companies that remain at the forefront of technological development in the world.


We are a Latin american company that competes with the biggest players in the world in the area of ​​development of new technologies and standards.


Absolutely all our software applications and services are products created and patented by us, we are one of the few companies in the world having been created outside Europe and the United States that can compete in every way in terms of technology and products with companies like Siemens , IMB, Microsoft, RSA and others.


That is why we try to be represented in different parts of the world to offer our customers the attention and service they deserve wherever they are. 


Head Office Panamá Republic of Panamá


This is the Head office of CADUET CORP. it is from here where all The contracts, patents, invoicing and distribution of the products that CADUET CORP offers to its customers. To contact us directly you can send us an email to the following address: caduet@caduet-corp.com , use our web contact form here in our site or if you prefer to call us you can do so at: (+507) 8339683 



CADUET CORP. Copenhagen focuses on the sale of ours products for the Scandinavian market, covering the market on Denmark, Sweden and Norway. CADUET CORP has served many years to the Financial sector in Scandinavia with high profile clients like Danske Bank Skandia Banken, Nordea, Siemens, IBM among others. To get in contact with our Scandinavian office please write an email To the following address: skandinavien@caduet-corp.com or if you prefer By phone (+45) 78791654